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The Veteran

257 Cascade Hwy NE, Silverton, Oregon

This mural was dedicated to Vince Till to honor him for all the work he has done for the Silverton Mural Society. The mural honors Vince and all veterans for their service to their country. The Veteran's Poem reminds us all of their service and to the ones that gave all.


The Oregon Trail

1795 Pine St, Silverton, Oregon

The Joseph Henry Boyington family is pictured along the Oregon Trail in the foothills of the Rockies.


The 20th Century

500 West C Street, Silverton, Oregon

Quotes and pictures tell the story of the 20th Century including - "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You," "One Small Step For Man," and "They can have any color they want as long as its black."


Silverton, Santa's Second Home

106 Fiske St, Silverton, Oregon

Santa Claus' glittering magic lights the town Christmas Tree each year. Santa also receives mail year-round at his special mailbox adjacent to the mural.


Silverton Red Sox

347 W C St, Silverton, Oregon

Started in 1937, the Silverton Red Sox baseball team was mostly made up of local men who worked at the Silver Falls Timber Co. Team manager was the mill owner Bill McGinnis. A farm team for the Boston Red Sox, players earned $25 a game. Major league player Johnny Pesky played one summer in Silverton. The last game played was 1954.


Silverton Pet Parade

641 N 1st St, Silverton, Oregon

A Silverton tradition for more than 80 years, the Silverton Pet Parade - always the third Saturday in May - celebrates the town's winged, tailed, scaled and four legged friends. Children, adults and pets stroll through downtown as spectators cheer them on.


Silverton Airport

278 High St, Silverton, Oregon

The Silverton Airport was the oldest licensed airport in Oregon. The mural features aviation pioneer and mail delivery pilot Bessie Haladay.


Silver Falls Lumber Mill

1197 N 1st St, Silverton, Oregon

Silver Falls Timber Co. built one of the largest sawmills in Oregon in 1916 for more than $400,000. It employed more than 500 men. The mural shows the "Pond Monkeys" moving logs to the green chain and mill buildings.


Silver Falls - City of the Falls

100 N. Water, Silverton, Oregon

Silverton photographer June Drake helped spearhead the effort to perserve the more than 8,000 acres with 10 waterfalls that today is Silver Falls State Park.


Paws For Love

339 Oak St, Silverton, Oregon

Salutes the Silver Falls Library's therapy dog program and encourages reading and a love of learning.


Old Oak Tree

257 Cascade Hwy NE

The town was built around the old oak tree - a popular gathering spot on Main Street in the 1800's. Newcomers cut down the 800-year-old tree to pave the street. The stump is on display behind the Silverton Country Museum.


Largest Camera In The World

499 N Water St, Silverton, Oregon

The Mammoth, the largest camera in the United States, was created around 1900 in Chicago. Officials of the Chicago and Alton Railroad Co. used it to take a single detailed portrait of their new luxury train.


Keith Kaser

259 Lewis St, Silverton, Oregon

For years this retired mechanic was a frequent sight in Silverton walking through downtown, commenting on the weather to passersby.


Homer Davenport

205 S. First Street, Silverton, Oregon

The work of world-renown political cartoonist Homer Davenport helped elect presidents and expose business corruption. He was born in 1867 outside of Silverton on a Waldo Hills farm and is the author of "The Country Boy."


Gallon House Bridge

113 S Water St, Silverton, Oregon

Built in 1916, the 84-foot Gallon House Bridge is the only covered bridge in Marion County you can still drive through. During prohibition, the bridge earned its name as the place to get a gallon of moonshine or to steal a kiss.


Four Freedoms

993 N 1st St, Silverton, Oregon

A replica of the work done by artist Norman Rockwell in 1943 in The Saturday Evening Post Magazine - the mural represents the core values of Silverton residents - Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear.


Don Pettit

269 N Water St, Silverton, Oregon

Silverton born astronaut Don Pettit served six months as a mission specialist aboard the International Space Station.


Davenport's Arabian Quest

108 N Water St, Silverton, Oregon

Famed cartoonist Homer Davenport traveled to Arabia and returned with 27 pure desert-bred Arabian horses in 1906, the first in America.


Champion Cowboy - Doug Brown

656 W C St, Silverton, Oregon

Doug Brown's ride on Jambalaya is captured in this mural. He was a World Champion Bull Rider in 1969.


Adventures of Bobbie

193 S Water St, Silverton, Oregon

A Scotch Collie, Bobbie was traveling with the Braziers of Silverton in Wolcott, Indiana on August 15, 1923 when he became seperated from the family. He walked home, returning to Silverton on February 15, 1924.


9/11 Memorial

315 W C St, Silverton, Oregon

A memorial to that horrific day and those who served so gallantly then and in all American Wars.